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Star Wars Reek Progress 1

Work In Progress / 02 April 2022

I've also been working on my Star Wars Reek project some more. I have most of the base forms sculpted and am starting to move on to secondary details and rough color. I also made a baby reek from the larger base model; there still forms on the baby that I'd like to change to differentiate it from the adult a bit more, along with color. I plan on setting up a bit of storytelling environment for them at some point :)

Cardan Greenbriar Progress 1

Work In Progress / 02 April 2022

I've been working more on my Cardan Greenbriar sculpt. I added a mouth split and took care of the first pass at retopology, made some edits to the face shapes, and started to carve out some sculpted hair. Next up is making a different crown design with less height to it to see what that looks like, as well as getting the body fully set up so I can put him in Marvelous Designer and start figuring out clothing. 

Current WIP Projects

Work In Progress / 17 March 2022

Hi, everyone! Here are some WIP projects that I'm currently working on in my free time :)

First up is my take on Cardan Greenbriar from The Cruel Prince book series by Holly Black! I loved the vibrant world and intricate clothing/hair/jewelry designs described in the books (plus sooooo many of the quotes), and really wanted to bring my dear fae boy to life <3 Still figuring out exactly how I want the facial forms to look, crown designs, hair etc. I plan on making a full character model for him, but for now focusing on getting bust details hammered out and looking sleek 

For Cardan's blood crown, I wanted to try designing something leafy and intricate that still feels almost natural. I'll likely be creating a few variant designs before deciding which one I want to move forward with. 

Another project I've started is Syrinx the chimera from the Crescent City series (House of Earth and Blood/ House of Sky and Breath) by Sarah J Maas. It's been really fun reading his book descriptions and figuring out how to merge his small, wrinkly dog elements with lion traits! For instance, he's written to have a face that is 'largely doglike', so I kept most of the features canine except added in a lion's nose to play to the chimera aspect. I need to add in his 'eagle-like' talons, start adding in fur to accentuate his lion mane/neck folds, and give him his signature golden coloration, but he sure is a cutie so far!

The last project I've been doing is remaking my Reek model from a few years ago. I recently rewatched the Star Wars prequels and got the itch to update my arena monsters since I know I could do a much better job on them now :) So far working on correcting all of the primary shapes and proportions and getting everything to flow together better